Affordable Mobile Strategies


...provides a mobile app for your small business. Quickly and Affordably.

Define Quickly - Within 1 business day.

Define Affordably - $400 and up.

More About Pricing - $400 is our lowest priced mobile app and includes an array of design elements and features likely to cover all of your needs for your small business. You can always start at this level and build on it if you find you need more later. We do all the work for you.

Once completed, the app is deployed in a cloud environment (My App In The Cloud). We manage the app building, the deployment at iTunes and Google Play (Android), and everything else. We even provide you with graphics and links to use at your website.

Your customers download My App In The Cloud from their mobile device, and your mobile app is there for them. Very simple. The advantages of this product are that this app is completely customized for you, relatively inexpensive, includes a lot of functionality, is very quick to turn around for you, and gets you up and running with your own mobile app for your business.

If you find that you want your own separately branded app (your icon and graphics at iTunes and Google Play for example), this is when the price starts to increase a bit due to the time involved in deployment, approval from the various app stores, etc. We currently provide some of the lowest pricing in the industry and thoroughly enjoy providing customers with stand alone apps. We will be happy to quote you a price once we get an understanding of your unique needs.

As a bonus and to provide you with extra exposure in marketing your app, all stand alone apps have the option of also being included on My App In The Cloud at no extra cost.

Village Food Market - Mobile App

An App For My Business


Short Answer: Yes.

Long Answer: You can provide better customer service and accessibility by bringing all of your other initiatives (website, social media sites, etc.) into one clean platform for your customers.

Mobile stats are staggering. More iPhones being sold than people being born. 850,000 Android phones activated each day. Tablets rapidly outselling PC's in all stores.

Mobility is the way of the future.

Demonstrate to your customers that you are in tune with their needs and are ahead in your industry.

Let your customers know that you are willing to utilize technology in order to make their overall service experience more enjoyable.

Your app will bring you more customers and more return customers.

98 Provence - Mobile App

Getting Started


Send us an email at... .


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800.764.6727 XT 11 or 12
to briefly discuss your app.

We will then create a free design mockup for your organization based on the free initial consult.

We are currently averaging a 1 hour response time and we will try and keep to that time frame if at all possible.

Roundabout Diner - Mobile App